My name is Ivana Ranković, I am 40. I have a husband and two beautiful daughters of 16 and 17.

My first symptoms started as early as 1999 but I was not aware of them. I experienced real problems in 2004 and it was then that I was diagnosed with MS. After I gave birth to my second daughter I started having double images, my hands were numb, and I lost sight on my left eye. Since I have Military Insurance, my treatment started soon after with Prof. Dr Dragan Obradović in Military Medical Academy.

Today, I have a normal life and I take part in lives of my growing up daughters. I was lucky to receive treatment immediately after being diagnosed. These medications, Rebif and Imuran, I take ever since. I wish that all my friends with MS can start receiving treatment for MS and have a life in dignity together with their families.

Having MS is difficult. People tend to close themselves off and a fact that health care system in Serbia and society as such are not being supportive makes their position even more difficult. Around 9000 people are diagnosed with MS and if we consider their families, we estimate that between 30 and 40.000 are affected. It is high time we know when these people will start getting their medications.

Ivana Ranković


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